Sky Fall

The friendly skies were never the same after the 1970s. Radicals began hijacking planes as political retribution and even more common, unhinged assailants held passengers and crew hostage for ransom money – including some daring escapes by parachute at lethal speeds and altitude. A terrific excerpt from Brendan I. Koerner’s book about hijackers tells the story on Longreads.

In Other News

Photo Finish

A bartender became a viral hit when he shoveled the Boston Marathon finish line during this week’s storm – Runner’s World

Why Weight

Pumping iron is key to making sure you don’t regain lost weightThe New York Times

Gold Rush

A wily treasure hunter was captured in Florida after two years on the lam – The San Francisco Chronicle


How the plunging Canadian dollar could take the NHL with itThe Globe and Mail

Cut Away

A man explains his insatiable craving for amputationNew York Magazine

Cover shot: NFL helmet art – USA Today Sports Images