Clean Living

Check out the final best of 2014 edition of Slugball: health & fitness

Stride Right

Terrific running wisdom from three-time New York City marathon winner Alberto Salazar – Outside Magazine

That Smell

How antiperspirant and deodorant work – Gizmodo

Hot Pants

Athletic apparel is here to stay as a fashion statement – Racked

Brown Sugar

A man pounded ten cans of Coke per day for science – The Los Angeles Times

Diet Counts

Even fanatical runners must mind what they eat – The Wall Street Journal


Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire has been bathing in red wine – ESPN


There was barely a trace of actual science behind Vibram’s FiveFinger minimalist running shoes – Regressing

Life During Wartime

How America is winning the war on leisure – Howard Lindzon

Parody +

Edit: a new Nike running app tells you what you’re running from – The Onion

Loss Column

Analysis of which diets lead to the most actual weight loss – Five Thirty Eight

Cover shot: awesome frisbee dog – USA Today Sports Images