Check out the most fascinating stories about crime, mystery and the unknown as posted in the Slugball email newsletter during 2014 – curator’s picks.

Lost to Translation

Ten years later, all signs point to American David Sneddon being abducted by North Korean spies targeting foreign language translators – Outside Magazine

Special Delivery

How a bagman and his cohorts manage the cash underground in college football recruiting – SB Nation

Bali of the Beast

How Western surfers support their lifestyle by smuggling drugs into BaliSurfer Magazine

See Ya la Revolución

Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez’s treacherous path from Cuba to Major League Baseball showstopper – Victory Journal


A writer recalls coping with yoga, goals and a murder during her brief tenure working at Lululemon – Salon


How commercial fisherman John Aldridge fell overboard off the Long Island coast and it wasn’t discovered for several hours – The New York Times

Cover shot: roller derby skates – USA Today Sports Images