Reading is Fundamental

Check out these smart reads … some of the most entertaining stories posted in Slugball during 2014.


How the iconic Endless Summer poster was designed – Vanity Fair

The Boras Effect

Baseball agent Scott Boras continues to land big-money deals through analytics and relentless preparation – The Washingtonian

Three-Step Drop

An excerpt from a new book details how Steve Young nearly quit football at BYU – Jeff Benedict

Hat Trick

How college football programs buy and flip expensive helmets – CBS Sports

Living in the Moment

How immigrants have championed ping-pong in America – Deadspin


The technology, marketing and human know-how that went into Felix Baumgartner’s famous jump from space – Vanity Fair

If Do Right, No Can Defense

The making of The Karate Kid – LA Weekly 

The Ex-Cop

“…no kid ever picked up a crack pipe with boxing gloves.” – Only A Game

Exit Showtime

Insights into the incomparable Magic-Riley-Kareem Lakers – The Stacks

Enforcing Nothing

George Parros is a Princeton graduate, family man and NHL goon – ESPN

Cover shot: XC mud – USA Today Sports Images