Slugball Radio

Introducing Slugball Radio, a new weekly show featuring writers, athletes and deal makers that accompanies the email newsletter.

For now, the show will be posted on SoundCloud but will also be available soon on iTunes and a dedicated page on

Have a listen … your feedback and comments are most welcome.

Show Notes:

The first guest is writer and curator virtuoso Alex Belth from the Bronx, New York. Alex blogs about New York sports and culture, has penned a couple of baseball books and is a master of digging up ‘lost stories’ and converting them for the web. He also worked for the Coen brothers during the making of The Big Lebowski and wrote a smart, funny short story about his experience.

Bronx Banter

The Stacks: Deadspin | The Daily Beast

The Two RogersSB Nation

The Dudes Abide: The Coen Brothers and the Making of The Big Lebowski – Amazon

Many thanks to Alex for doing the show.

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