Glory Days

An intriguing new documentary is set to drop on July 11: The Battered Bastards of Baseball. The film chronicles the Portland Mavericks minor league team’s wild popularity and eclectic cast of characters. The team was owned by Bing Russell, the father of Hollywood actor Kurt Russell and featured baseball’s first female general manager, a left-handed catcher and a blacklisted former Yankees pitcher. The trailer can be seen on Netflix.

In Other News

Tiger Trap

An Indian crab poacher was taken from his boat by a tiger – The New York Times


New York Rangers center Dominic Moore was given the NHL award no one wantsThe New Yorker

Hungry Gamers

How fasting during Ramadan will affect World Cup playersVox

The Fishin’ Hole

Edit: underwater spear fishing for Wahoo — with sharks in every direction —  in the Gulf of Mexico – The Scuttlefish


GoPro has athletes banging down their door to use their product – ESPN