The NFL Draft Don

Mel Kiper Jr. is synonymous with the NFL Draft. He helped build the draft analysis cottage industry that would become a pillar of NFL media coverage. Kiper was ahead of the curve and made some shrewd decisions (sometimes reluctantly) to build his brand that would become a fixture on ESPN. His style isn’t for everyone but Bill Belichick once tried to hire Kiper to help assess player personnel – that alone speaks to his football acumen. Josh Peter wrote an interesting profile of Kiper for Bleacher Report.

In Other News

Virtual Doping

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RIP Dr. Jack Ramsey

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Good Housekeeping

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Hydraulic Vortices

Edit: Surfer Alex Gray gets barreled all over the world over – Turkeymelt via Vimeo

The Natural Grass is Always Greener

How the Rogers Centre in Toronto is preparing to lay down natural grass – The Toronto Star