Opening Day Vortex

Baseball is back. Never mind the convoluted Opening Day, Opening Night, Opening Series confusion (by the time the Yankees and Astros take the field for the first time tomorrow night in Houston, the Dodgers will be well into their fourth game of the season). Check out the interesting stories below to get in the baseball mood.

Mileage Counter

An interactive map shows how far each MLB team will travel in 2014 – Baseball Savant


There was a beef between the Padres and Giants as to who had the first organic garden in baseball – San Diego Union-Tribune

Replay Hub

An inside look at the new MLB Replay Operations CenterUSA Today

Big Money

On baseball’s millions and billions – Five Thirty Eight

Manifest Team Destiny

Facebook built a map showing which teams have fans by area – The Wall Street Journal

Next Year

Cubs GM Theo Epstein is trying to replicate the success he had with the Red Sox – ESPN

The Captain

Fortune Magazine named Derek Jeter the world’s 11th greatest leaderCNN

Signal Strength

Apple’s iBeacon technology has been installed in 20 MLB parks – MLB

Roster Spot Secured

Indians manager Terry Francona let pitcher Blake Wood know he’d made the Major League roster during a visit to the mound – Fox Sports

Tough Love

There’s growing sentiment in baseball that pitchers have been coddled for too longThe San Francisco Chronicle

Home Sweet Home Plate

The meaning of home plate – The Atlantic

Pop Fly Music

Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino is not happy about MLB’s new walk-up music ruleWEEI

The War On Drugs

Commissioner Bud Selig flaunts MLB’s new PED policyHollywood Reporter


Defensive shifts are becoming the new normal in MLB – The Wall Street Journal

Made Men

How MLB players are quickly promoted into managingSB Nation


A brief history of baseball scorecards – Uni Watch