The Lion’s Share

I worked briefly for a Point Of View camera company called VIO in 2008 while living in the Bay Area. Based in Michigan, VIO had captured a good portion of the nascent P.O.V. market in sports like skiing and mountain biking at that time. Its claim to fame was a remote control and viewfinder. VIO is still around today, although under new ownership and mostly centered in the police and military markets. One of VIO’s competitors was Contour. Based in Seattle, Contour had a laser pointer that made it easy to see where the camera was pointed while mounted on someone’s noggin. Contour folded last year but their founder recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for iPhone camera lenses called Moment – I’m a backer. We also worried about the rumored Sony P.O.V. camera that never got any meaningful traction. P.O.V. was a new market altogether and everyone was racing to grab the lion’s share.

Meanwhile, there was this other strange P.O.V. camera company called GoPro. Compared to VIO or Contour, GoPro’s camera was clunky-looking and lacked many cool features. Granted, it was a much cheaper option. GoPro seemed like a reasonable fit for the low-end market I thought but anyone who was serious about producing high quality video — especially in action sports — would surely pony up for VIO. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. GoPro nailed it with its simplicity. That combined with legit Silicon Valley financial and marketing muscle crushed everyone. It was a bloodbath really. Today, GoPro is $2.25 billion force and as Nick Wingfield reports for The New York Times, an emerging media company.

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