Reflect & Reset

I was sound asleep well before midnight last night. I’m not big on celebrating New Year’s Eve. In fact, the holiday’s greatest significance to me is the traditional slate of college football bowl games. Still, the new year is a moment to reflect and reset. I was reminded of this while reading Chuck Culpepper’s piece on Michael Schumacher of Sports On Earth. The great German F1 driver is currently in critical condition after a skiing accident in France. My heart goes out to his family and I hope Schumacher pulls through. His accident is certainly a reminder that life is precious.

In Other News

The Tournament

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Riding High

A network of elevated bike paths called SkyCycle is being proposed in London – BBC

Bad Form

An anti-semitic gesture is showing up across sports – The New York Times

A Sour Indoctrination

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Temp Workers

Virtually all NFL coaches will be fired sooner or laterThe New Yorker