Football Vortex

If there is a silver lining to a possible sinus infection, it’s that I was relegated to the football vortex these past few days. The weekend was chalk-full of great games, including the epic tilt between Alabama and Auburn. I combed the Internet for the very best context on the Iron Bowl and came up with Matt Brown’s perspective on Sports On Earth. There are far-reaching economic and social repercussions but for now, suffice to say the game itself was awesome.

In Other News

Cold Case

Northern-based universities are using cold weather to their advantage to land top golf recruits – The Wall Street Journal

On Their Heels

FIFA is scrambling to fight racism in soccer leading up to the 2014 World Cup – Forbes

Indisputable Evidence

Some NFL players are using their phones to protect themselves in interactions with the police – USA Today

Party Crashers

The Atlanta Braves new stadium deal has caused local political dissension – The Daily Beast

Après Riding Giants

After surfing world record-sized waves, Shawn Dollar copes with the normalcy of his otherwise happy life – San Francisco Chronicle