The Quiet Hero

When two bombs were set off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in April many lives were changed forever. The bravery and selflessness of people on the scene helped mitigate the extent of the injuries, if not the death toll. Devin Wang was volunteering to aid injured and dehydrated runners as they crossed the finish line that day. An accomplished figure skater and student in Boston University’s athletic training program, the marathon was a good opportunity for Wang to put her developing skills as a trainer to use. But suddenly Wang was thrown into chaos and just happened to be captured in that fateful day’s most memorable photograph when, alongside two others, she helped transport Jeff Bauman — who had been severely injured in the second of the two blasts, including losing both of his legs — to safety and immediate medical attention. Wang, an unassuming hero, was graceful under the worst circumstances that day but many difficult moments have ensued. Bonnie D. Ford of ESPN has Wang’s story.

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