Bear Trap

I was in Las Vegas during the Super Bowl a few years ago. It was 2007 actually, the year the Chicago Bears last appeared in the big game. Bears fans are famous for traveling well and it showed that week. There were Brian Urlacher jerseys in every direction. If not for the rare Peyton Manning Colts jersey walking around, you might have thought the Bears were the only team playing that Sunday.

From my view, virtually everyone was betting on some facet of the game. The final score, the spread, the winner of the coin toss, anything and everything was up for grabs. I was a bewildered bystander as work colleagues lost most of their money on bets they had no business placing. And given the overwhelming number of Bears fans in town that week, I’m guessing most of them took it in the teeth when the Bears lost. As the saying goes, Las Vegas was built on losers, not winners. Brian Tuohy of Sports On Earth writes about the spectacle of the major Las Vegas gambling books on game day.

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